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Renters Insurance

When prospective clients at R&R Insurance Group LLC ask us if they must get renters insurance, we tell them yes, and while it is not required, it is necessary - with one exception. That exception is if you have enough money to replace all your personal property and don't mind spending what that entails. All of your property can be lost in a single incident. Renters insurance is an excellent idea, not only in Pennsylvania but no matter where you rent.

Hazards that Make Renters Insurance an Excellent Idea

Fire is not the only reason you need renter’s insurance. While your landlord has sufficient coverage to protect the building, including your individual unit, it covers the structure and perhaps the plumbing. Still, it won't do a thing for your furniture, electronics, clothing, or jewelry if you fall victim to a burglar or vandal. And should a power surge fry your laptop or microwave, if you don't have renters insurance to reimburse you for repairs, your only recourse is a trip to your favorite electronics dealer to pay for it out of pocket or perhaps purchase new ones.

Renter's Insurance Covers More than Personal Property

Not everyone is aware of it, but should a wild storm, like the ones we see in Pennsylvania, were to damage your unit, or cause a burst pipe. this can cause conditions like mold to form which will make it unlivable, most renters insurance policies have what is known as a loss of use clause which will cover the cost of a hotel, food, or any other expenses you have while temporarily "exiled."

Want to Hear More?

If reading this has you curious, you'll probably want to learn about things like liability coverage or how to protect expensive jewelry or collectibles. If so, we welcome your questions. Just pick up your phone and call our Quakertown, PA office and make an appointment. R&R Insurance Groups LLC in Quakertown, PA will lay out all your renter's insurance options and help you make an informed decision.

While our office is located in Quakertown, PA, we service clients all across Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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