Pennsylvania Auto Insurance: Insurance Follows the Car, Not the Driver

When you have Pennsylvania auto insurance, you should know that the insurance follows the car, and not the driver. This means that if you drive someone else’s car, it is their insurance that would be impacted in the event of a claim. If someone else drives your car and there’s an accident, it is your insurance that would cover it.

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Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Pennsylvania car insurance can be confusing because the various components of an auto insurance policy cover different things. Some cover a person and bodily injury or wrongful death, whereas others cover property damage.

When you drive in Pennsylvania, your vehicle must have car insurance. Pennsylvania law calls this financial responsibility.

If someone else drives your vehicle and there are damages, it will be your vehicle insurance that will have to handle that.

Impacts on Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

When someone else drives your vehicle and there is a problem, there are still going to impact your auto insurance. If your insurance company covers damages in an accident, you will see an increase in your premiums the following year.

There are certain conditions under which you could have further insurance problems. If the car is stolen by someone else and there is an accident, your car insurance will cover the damages. If your vehicle is used for illegal activity, even if you aren’t responsible, you could lose your auto insurance completely.

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The simplest way to avoid this problem is to not let other people drive your car, and saying that is due to car insurance laws should not cause a problem. Otherwise, if you think your vehicle needs to be driven by someone else, the simpler alternative is to add them to your vehicle’s auto insurance policy. At R&R Insurance Group LLC, we can help Quakertown, PA residents get all of the coverage they need for their car insurance. Get a quote today to update your Pennsylvania auto insurance.