I’m 21 and healthy. Should I invest in health insurance?

The Many Facets of Health Insurance

Health insurance promises numerous benefits, encompassing preemptive and actual medical attention. Numerous health insurance policies provide reimbursement for regular check-ups and treatment options during sickness or emergencies. However, it is common for individuals, especially the younger and healthier demographic, to question the necessity of health insurance. Despite this, health insurance remains beneficial for individuals of all ages. At R&R Insurance Group LLC, we are devoted to helping Quakertown, PA residents understand the advantages of health insurance.

Defining Health Insurance

Much like many other types of insurance, health insurance amalgamates several benefits under one policy. Many individuals are unprepared to bear out-of-pocket doctor visits and emergency medical care expenses. Health insurance serves as an effective strategy to manage the high costs synonymous with medical care. Generally, health insurance covers preventative services, sick visits, and emergencies. Health insurance essentially entails an agreement with a health insurance company, which involves monthly premiums or payments that secure ongoing health services and benefits.

Is Health Insurance a Worthy Investment for a 21-year-old Healthy Individual?

Locking in a health insurance policy at a young age typically helps to secure a lower rate. This is particularly advantageous as health insurance becomes increasingly expensive as you age. For this reason, investing in health insurance at a young age is often considered a good idea, especially if future investment in health insurance is part of the plan. Young individuals often perceive investment in health insurance as superfluous, especially when they’re in good health. However, health insurance protects health during sickness and emergencies, as well as in a preventative capacity. In other words, health insurance helps individuals maintain their health, even when they aren’t ill. Regular visits and check-ups are often part of health insurance. This is yet another reason to consider investing in health insurance at a young age, in addition to the financial benefits.

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