Will flood insurance cover my water damaged she-shed?

Homeowners insurance covers some water-related damage. However, the cause of the water damage often determines if homeowners insurance will cover it. Understanding what homeowners’ insurance policy covers and what’s covered by flood insurance can be confusing. Our R&R Insurance Group LLC team helps Quakertown, PA residents understand flood insurance and what’s covered.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is designed to cover damage and loss as a direct result of flooding. A flood is defined as an excess amount of water on land that is usually dry.

Flood insurance covers your home, your personal belongings, your home’s foundation, electrical, and plumbing. Other structures on your property are also covered by flood insurance.  If you have a shed, small home, or greenhouse, flood insurance will cover the repair or rebuilding of the property. Your assets, furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings fall under the umbrella of personal items covered by flood insurance.

Other things may be covered by flood insurance if the flood causes the malfunction of something else. For example, if your septic tank backs up as a direct result of a flood, it’s covered by flood insurance.  

Will flood insurance cover my water damaged she-shed?

Yes. If your she-shed is located on your property, its repair or rebuild is covered by your flood insurance. Also, all of your personal items inside of your she-shed are covered too. Your plumbing, electricity, and foundations are covered as well.

Flood insurance covers your interior, exterior, property, and all other structures on your property.

Looking for Insurance in Quakertown, PA?

If you have questions about flood insurance and what’s covered, call us at R&R Insurance Group LLC. We’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss flood insurance coverage. 

How to Protect Your Home from Flooding: Prevention Tips to Minimize Financial Losses

As we’ve seen from recent natural disasters, flooding can cause immense damage to your home. If you live in an area prone to flooding around Quakertown, PA, it’s essential to take steps to protect your property. To minimize flood-related financial losses, follow these tips from R&R Insurance Group LLC.

How to protect your outdoor property from flooding

To protect outdoor property from flood damage, it is essential to keep gutters and drains clear of debris. It is also necessary to create a barrier around the property by filling sandbags and placing them around the perimeter. If possible, it is also advisable to elevate outdoor furniture and equipment.

How to protect the inside of your home from flooding

To protect the home’s interior from flood damage, start by ensuring that the house’s exterior is in good repair. Ensure that there are no cracks or holes in the foundation and that the gutters and downspouts are clean and functioning correctly. If possible, install a sump pump to help remove water from the basement or crawlspace. In the event of a flood, move all furniture and valuables to the highest point in the home, and be sure to disconnect all electrical appliances.

About flood insurance

Flooding is not covered under most home insurance policies, so getting a separate flood insurance policy is essential if you live in an area prone to flooding. Flood insurance protects property owners from financial losses caused by floods. It is a type of property insurance that covers the physical damage to a property from water that has inundated the property.

Flood insurance is something that the R&R Insurance Group LLC offers to its customers in Quakertown, PA. Our goal is to provide quality flood insurance coverage at an affordable price to our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

Is Flood Insurance Necessary in Quakertown, PA?

Featuring water bodies like the Delaware River, it’s not uncommon to experience floods after heavy rains. And as you know, when floods strike, they leave a trail of destruction on their path. But what can you do? Since you have no control of nature, all you can do is purchase flood insurance to protect your home and loved ones.

But is flood insurance necessary? I don’t think I will ever need it in Quakertown, PA. While you may not see the motive to buy flood insurance now, here are the reasons you should, according to R&R Insurance Group LLC.

Home insurance doesn’t cover floods

Suppose floods damage your dwelling, only to discover that your home insurance doesn’t cover the damage. How would you feel? Devastated, right? And to add fuel to the fire, you will be faced with significant repairs to financing the damage from your pocket.

Typical home insurance covers flooding if a covered event causes it. For instance, home insurance will compensate you for the damage if a tree falls on your roof and causes leakage. However, home insurance doesn’t cover overland flooding — and since this is common, you must buy flood insurance to enjoy the coverage.

Floods can strike even in areas not considered floods-prone

You might think that you are safe, but the bad news is that floods can strike anytime, anywhere. According to FEMA, approximately 20% of flood insurance claims come from residents living in areas not considered at risk of floods!

Floods damage is expensive

Did you know that a one-inch rise in water levels costs about $25,000 in repairs? Yes, flood damage can be expensive. For this reason, you require flood insurance to ensure that you don’t incur costly out-of-pocket repairs when floods strike.

Where can I buy flood insurance?

Are you looking for flood insurance in Quakertown, PA, and its environs? All you need is to contact R&R Insurance Group LLC for an affordable quote.