Can I get car insurance if I don’t own a car?

The answer is yes! R&R Insurance Group LLC can get you insured even if you don’t have a car. Many people in Quakertown, PA don’t own a car because they just don’t want the hassle of dealing with a car. But sometimes, you might want to borrow a friend’s car or rent a car on vacation.

Auto Insurance: What Are My Options?

Option 1: Get added as a named driver on someone else’s policy

There are a few options for getting insured without owning a car. The first option is to get added as a named driver on someone else’s policy. This is usually done for young drivers who are trying to build up their own no-claims bonus.

Option 2: Short-term auto insurance

The second option is short-term insurance. This is often used by people who have just bought a new car, and need to insure it for a few weeks before their annual policy starts.

Option 3: Pay-as-you-go automobile insurance

The third option is pay-as-you-go insurance. This type of insurance allows you to top-up your account when you need to drive. For most non-car owners, this is the way to go. The way it works is that you set up a policy that you can opt into whenever you need it. Most insurance companies offer an app for your smartphone, so you won’t need to plan ahead. If a friend asks you to drive their car, you can opt in within minutes and be covered.

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