Builders Risk Insurance For Contractors

Builders risk insurance is a type of property insurance that protects construction projects, renovations, and additions. Learn how builders’ risk insurance provides protection, and then update your existing insurance policy if necessary.

Builders Risk

Builders’ risk coverage protects against unforeseen events that could damage a project while it is underway. It is only needed while a project is active.

The coverage goes into effect at the onset of a new project. Once the project is complete, the property owner is responsible for insuring the property and any buildings located on it.


Builders’ risk provides protection for buildings and additional features against theft, vandalism, natural weather events, and fires. However, it does not protect against intentional acts of destruction or faulty designs.

The coverage terms for builders’ risk coverage will be outlined in the insurance policy documents that consumers acquire when they purchase insurance.


Contractors often acquire builders’ risk insurance before a construction project begins. This type of insurance protects a contractor’s investment and ensures that a construction company owner does not incur financial loss while the project is underway.

A property owner can also obtain builders’ risk insurance. If a property owner decides to have renovations done, it may be in the owner’s best interest to acquire builders’ risk insurance.

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