Teenager Driver Information

A teen driver can be a new set of questions and processes for you because the cost is different, however, there are discounts available to help you manage this. R&R Insurance Group LLC in Quakertown, PA, can give you advice in reference to your new driver. 

Teenager Driver Information

There is an option to get a new policy for just your teenage driver if they have a part-time job, or you would just pay separately for it since having them on your policy with you would increase your insurance rate because they are younger than 25 years old, which is considered a risky time frame for a driver learning to follow the rules of the road. You may need to have them on your policy when they get a learner’s permit and drive in your vehicle.

You could find out about discounts from your insurance company, and they may offer one for grades in school and driver education classes. 

Teenagers may have time with other young drivers in their vehicle, or in yours, and this could be a distraction and could cause an incident, such as a fender bender or a little collision. This is a time to talk with them about their driving behavior and even avoid others in the car with them, or just drive with them with you so you could be a good example and protect them from other people who may cause a problem. You could also give them pointers about driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs, because it would help them avoid a DUI charge, or worse, a serious problem on the road. 

If you need help with managing these items in reference to your teenage driver, find out more from R&R Insurance Group LLC serving Quakertown, PA.