Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania?

If you’re a motorcycle owner in Quakertown, PA, you may wonder if you need to get insurance for your bike. The answer is yes—in Pennsylvania, all motorcycle riders are required by law to have insurance. But even if it wasn’t needed, there are still plenty of good reasons to get covered.

Here are the benefits of motorcycle insurance:

The Law

In Pennsylvania, all motorcycle riders are required to have insurance. This covers damage you cause in an accident and situations where you are hit by another driver who doesn’t have enough or any coverage. Plus, if you have a loan, your lender will probably require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays for repairs or replacement if your bike is damaged in an accident. If you’re unsure about what policy type you need, contact R&R Insurance Group LLC. We can help you find the right coverage for your needs.

The Benefits

There are plenty of good reasons to have motorcycle insurance, even if it isn’t required by law. It can help you pay for costly repairs if your bike is damaged in an accident. It can also help you cover the cost of medical bills if you’re injured in an accident. And if your motorcycle is stolen, insurance can help you replace it.

Contact Us Today

So there you have it—motorcycle insurance is required by law and a good idea for any rider in Quakertown, PA. If you’re looking for a policy that fits your needs and budget, contact R&R Insurance Group LLC today for a free quote. We’ll be happy to help you find the coverage you need.