Will flood insurance cover my water damaged she-shed?

Homeowners insurance covers some water-related damage. However, the cause of the water damage often determines if homeowners insurance will cover it. Understanding what homeowners’ insurance policy covers and what’s covered by flood insurance can be confusing. Our R&R Insurance Group LLC team helps Quakertown, PA residents understand flood insurance and what’s covered.

What is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is designed to cover damage and loss as a direct result of flooding. A flood is defined as an excess amount of water on land that is usually dry.

Flood insurance covers your home, your personal belongings, your home’s foundation, electrical, and plumbing. Other structures on your property are also covered by flood insurance.  If you have a shed, small home, or greenhouse, flood insurance will cover the repair or rebuilding of the property. Your assets, furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings fall under the umbrella of personal items covered by flood insurance.

Other things may be covered by flood insurance if the flood causes the malfunction of something else. For example, if your septic tank backs up as a direct result of a flood, it’s covered by flood insurance.  

Will flood insurance cover my water damaged she-shed?

Yes. If your she-shed is located on your property, its repair or rebuild is covered by your flood insurance. Also, all of your personal items inside of your she-shed are covered too. Your plumbing, electricity, and foundations are covered as well.

Flood insurance covers your interior, exterior, property, and all other structures on your property.

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