Did You Just Get a New Bond? Don’t Neglect Insurance!

R&R Insurance Group LLC is known in Quakertown, PA and the surrounding area for providing strong and suitable insurance policies of many types. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation and can help you find unique bond insurance protection that can improve your overall experience.

What is Bond Insurance?

Bond insurance or financial guarantee insurance is a type of coverage that protects you from default. It’s designed specifically to ensure that the principal gets paid when someone defaults on a bond. Typically, it’s something that’s designed to protect municipal and asset-backed security. 

So, it’s something that usually protects the lender. But is it a good thing for you as someone borrowing money or getting a bond? Absolutely! A high-quality bond insurance policy can provide a surprising array of different benefits to someone borrowing, including advantages like:

  • Avoiding Potential Damages: Great bond insurance can keep you from various types of damage.
  • Higher Bond Availability: Bond insurance makes it easier for lenders to provide great bonds.
  • Stronger Security: Insurance provides a more secure bond that may make it look better for your profile.
  • Credit Support: A bond insurance policy may make them easier to receive if you have low credit.

Make sure that you talk with your lender about this situation and find out what kind of bonds might appeal to you. In this way, you can get the unique experience that you deserve at a price you can afford. Just as importantly, it can ensure that your experience goes smoothly and efficiently for you.

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Three misconceptions out there about bonds insurance

Bonds insurance is an important type of insurance that those involved with investing need to understand. At R&R Insurance Group LLC, we can provide bonds insurance that protect investments in Quakertown, PA. Unfortunately, bonds insurance is sometimes misunderstood.

The following are three common misconceptions out there about bonds insurance:

Bonds insurance is the same thing as a surety bond.

One of the most important things to understand is that bonds insurance and surety bonds are not the same thing. Bonds insurance is a type of insurance coverage that the issuer of a bond may purchase to improve the reliability of a bond investment. 

Bonds insurance can occasionally be referred to as financial guaranty insurance. 

Bonds insurance is purchased by bondholders.

Another common misunderstanding about bonds insurance is that bonds insurance policies are purchased by investors. However, investors are not the ones who buy bonds insurance. 

Bonds insurance is actually typically purchased by the issuers of bonds. Investors themselves cannot purchase bonds insurance to reduce the risk involved in their bond investments. If a bond issuer offers bonds insurance, this makes bond investments more attractive to investors and can improve the credit rating of the bonds in question. 

Bonds insurance is only seen with asset-backed securities.

Bonds insurance is commonly associated with asset-backed securities. However, asset-backed securities are not the only type of investment that bonds insurance can be used with.

Companies that issue bonds might also use bonds insurance to make municipal bonds investments more risk-free and attractive to bond investors. 

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